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Ebony Johnson

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Our mission is to support small businesses by offering managerial and technical skills so the owners can focus on purpose for being in business.

The "Client Experience' is our focus. We work with small business owners (SBO) to align their brand, mission/vision, with smart efficient business practices.

When Co-Operating MSC and business owners increase company visibility, decrease operation exhaustion, and increase the bottom line.


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Our Vision is to see a large network of small business owners working co-operatively to service their communities, acquire financial stability and remain professionally competitive with big box stores.

From business development to delivery and warehousing, MSC is dedicated to empowering SBO to increase their capacity, grow their customer base, and secure a place against chains and retail monopoly's.

Proactively working together to achieve common objectives and outcomes, solving shared challenges and leveraging collective opportunities in an environment of trust, respect, empathy and openness.


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what do you do?

Maintains records, reports process & productivity analysis, provides technical, and administrative support services.

Promotes company's products, messaging, and image. Preserving their image by interacting with consumers in a knowledgeble and professional manner.

MSC creates and distributes marketing materials aligned with our business owners established branding. to increase new client traffic,

Services Offered

Brand Ambassador

Back Office & Administrative Tasks

Marketing Materials

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How do you do it?

MSC operates in hybrid work model. Assuring both business owner and clients needs are being met via frequent virtual interactions and client site visits

MSC assists in maintaining Vendor and Client relationships thru site visits, monthly networking events and frequent communication.

Samples are distributed locally, installed in high-visibility areas and digital files. Increasing Lead:Sales ratio and profitable partnering opportunities.

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Assess company's strengths and challenge areas.


Test 1-2 new procedures for buy-in and participation.

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Create policy and observe productivity and workflow.



Analyze data for outcomes, improvements, optimization of company investment.

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Let's Build Together & Co-Operate.

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